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HomeInfo - Club Rental Policy
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The GRYC is available for use by members in good standing.


The official of the GRYC (hereafter known as the booking official) responsible for club use or rental is listed on the page of “Officers and Personnel” of the club directory.


A club member may reserve the club for family use, but in no instances may a club member reserve the club on behalf of a non-member. The non-member must reserve the club and pay the appropriate fees following the rental policy.


Persons renting or requesting use of the facility must be present during the use, and must meet with the booking official after the event.



The Clubhouse is a smoke-free facility.



There are two categories of use:


A. NON-EXCLUSIVE use in which the facilities are shared with other members.

1) Member parties using the club will require notification and approval by the booking official.

2) Member parties with more than 25 persons will be determined by the GRYC Board to be an EXCLUSIVE use.


B. EXLUSIVE use in which the Clubhouse, front picnic area, waterfront lawn and beach, parking lot, grill and deck area are used only by the renting party. EXCLUSIVE use may be requested by any member or non-member (with limitations), but only be granted by the GRYC Board of Directors or the booking official, appointed or employed by the Board

1) EXCLUSIVE use will not be granted between the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and the Monday of Labor Day weekend.

2) Club facilities may be rented for EXCLUSIVE use after Labor Day weekend and before the following Memorial Day weekend, but only when there is no conflict with a non-seasonal or special club sponsored event. Included as non-seasonal events are regattas, training symposiums, spring and fall race series, traditional holiday celebrations and Friday night home football games.

3) Request for use or rental are granted on a first come basis, requests are processed prior to the Grand Rapids Yacht Club Board of Directors monthly meetings.  

4) During exclusive use, members may use that portion of the club property north of an imaginary line extending from the drive entry to the “Snipe” ramp. Members are requested not to use the clubhouse or any part of the facility designated for rental as EXLUSIVE.

5) The $100 security deposit and the full rental amount will be collected by the booking official to reserve date. A rental agreement clearly stating conditions of use must be signed by both the booking official and the renting party before EXCLUSIVE use rental can occur.




Voting / Honorary Member $225

Social $275

Non-member $725