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HomeInfo - GRYC Rules
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The Grand Rapids Yacht Club (GRYC) is a private club, for the use and benefit of all members. Please cooperate and take care of the property so that all members may enjoy the facilities.


GRYC promotes sailboat racing of one design sailboats.  The Board of Directors designates the types of sailboats that it will be promoted, (authorized) which are referred to as "class" sailboats.  The sailboat classes are Laser, Butterfly, Snipe, Rebel, Optimist Pram and MC Scow.  All other types of sailboats are considered "non-class" sailboats.



1. GRYC has NO LIFEGUARD. GRYC assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for swimmers.

2. Children must be actively supervised AT ALL TIMES by their parent(s). Children are not allowed at the club alone, except

     during  sailing.

3. Children are NOT to be on the docks at any time without an Adult.

4. Do not swim or fish from docks during launching, haul-out periods or during races.

5. No running on the docks. 

6. Buoyant toys are not allowed in or near the lake. Such toys, when caught by the wind, lure children into deepwater.

7. Children are NOT to jump from the docks into the swimming area.

8. Power boats are not allowed to be tied to the butterfly dock at any time.  See “GRYC Boat Storage Rules”

    section for additional information.

9. Social members cannot tie personal power or sail boats to the docks at anytime.


1. Do not enter the clubhouse in wet swimsuits or wet clothing. Use the bathhouse on the South Side of Club House.

2. When kitchen facilities are used, please wash, dry, and put away everything used. Help keep things neat and

    clean. Empty garbage cans and place new garbage bags in containers and put garbage in dumpster.

3. Paper products, cups, and utensils in the storeroom are not intended for members’ picnics and private parties.

4. Club chairs and furniture are not to be placed in the water. Return all lawn chairs to the deck after use.

5. Please use litter barrels. Don’t leave bottles, cans or litter for others to pick up. Empty pop cans go in the

    deposit barrel. GRYC returns these cans for refunds. Children are not to take these cans for deposit money.

6. Trash dumpster is for Clubhouse and Grounds use only.

7. Pets are not permitted on club grounds.

8. If you are the last member to leave the club, lock the clubhouse and driveway gate.




Any Director has the authority to evict any person from Club property for conduct detrimental to the Club or its facilities. GRYC assumes no responsibility for members of guests in the clubhouse, on the grounds, on or in the water.
Member’s children 16 or older may be down at the club without a member/parent. They may be asked for i.d. so they should have it on them at all times. They are not allowed to bring a friend without their member/parent accompanying them. 
Member’s children who are NOT racing and not 16 years old need to have a member/parent with them at the club.
Sailing  School workers are allowed on the premesis under the age of 16 without their member/parent while on the clock working for the GRJSA.
Social members may not launch any watercraft from the yacht club. This includes kayaks and SUPs


Caretakers will be at the club weekends and holidays from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.


Weekdays, caretakers may not be present on a full time basis. Club members have access to the clubhouse with their own keys. The last member out must take the responsibility to lock up the clubhouse and driveway gate. Members may obtain clubhouse and gate keys from the Rear Commodore.




1. Storage and use of class sailboats will take priority over non-class sailboats, powerboats and all other kinds 

     of watercraft.

2. GRYC assumes no responsibility for members’ boats stored on club property, shore stations, docks or buoys.

     It is the responsibility of each member to secure, protect and insure their property against loss or damage.

3. In August 2, 2005 the State of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has given a Marina Operating

     Permit to Grand Rapids Yacht Club with a special condition:  "No overnight mooring is permitted at broad side dockage..."

4. By agreement with the City of East Grand Rapids on November 15, 1999, the maximum numbers of boats to

     be kept or stored upon the property shall be 250, which includes all types of boats and watercraft.

5. Boats and trailers are not to be parked in the automobile parking lot (south lot).

6. This south parking lot is reserved for our members’ automobiles during the sailing season and other use in the off-season. 

     Boats left in this area during the winter make it difficult to plow snow.

7. The GRYC Board of Directors may review and change the GRYC rules at any time, including the revocation of 

    any boat storage approval, if it is determined to be in the best interest of GRYC.

8. All boats must be labeled with the current owner's name on the dolly and/or trailer hosting it.




1. Class sailboats are to be parked in the spaces allocated annually to each fleet by the GRYC Board of

    Directors and assigned by the respective fleet captains.

2. Each voting membership allows space for one GRYC sanctioned class sailboat approved by the GRYC

    Board of Directors.

Kayaks and Paddle boards
1. Limited rental spaces are available for a kayak. The fee is $75.00 per season and is available for voting                       members upon Board approval.
2. Limited rental spaces are available for a paddle board. The fee is $35.00 for the 2015 season and is available for             voting members upon Board approval.
3. When taking short breaks with paddle boards or kayaks kindly “park” them on the south side of the Barge dock. (dock closest to the library)

The 2015 season contact person for the kayak/paddleboard rental space is Mark Bolhuis. His email is His cell number is 616-430-1582.


Power Boats


1. The GRYC Board of Directors will make a determination annually as to the space available for power boat

     storage. By agreement with the city of East Grand Rapids on November 15, 1999, the maximum number of

     power boats to be kept or stored on the property is 15.

2. GRYC voting members in good standing, wishing to keep a powerboat on club property must request approval

     annually from the GRYC Board of Directors. Each such member must maintain a GRYC approved class

     sailboat.  Applications will be accepted before February 1st each year. Priorities shall be given to those who

     maintained a  powerboat the previous season and who supported sailboat racing.

3. Members approved to maintain a power boat at the club (on the hard or on a shore station) will be

    charged an annual powerboat fee.

4. Designated powerboat parking area either is by the fence on the north end of the property, or on shore

    stations. Members with boats on shore stations are not entitled to a space to park an empty trailer”

5.  Power boats may not use the launching ramp from one hour before the start of the races until racing boats are

     covered and ramps have cleared. Vehicles are not permitted in launching areas during sailboat launching

     and haul-out periods.

6.  No one may launch powerboats from the club except those with powerboat permits.

7.  Power boats are not allowed to be tied to the butterfly dock at any time.  See “GRYC Boat Storage Rules”

     section for additional information.

8. Social members may not tie or use personal power boats to the dock at anytime.


 Shore Stations


 1. Shore stations are permitted by the GRYC Board of Directors on a first come basis and require a

    written request. By agreement with the city for East Grand Rapids on November 15, 1999, the maximum

    number of shore stations  permitted on the property is 6. No shore station shall be closer than 10 feet to

    the Club’s northern property line.

2. GRYC voting members in good standing, who keep a GRYC approved class sailboat at the club and,

    wishing to keep a boat on a shore station, must request approval annually of the GRYC Board of Directors.

    Priority will be given  to those who maintained a shore station the previous season.




1.  All boats stored on club property must be on usable trailers.

2.  All boat trailers must have the member’s name clearly marked on or around the trailer tongue or dolly. Trailers

     not clearly marked are subject to removal.

3.  Trailers may not be left in the launching ramp areas at any time.

4.  Empty trailers may not be kept on the clubs property.





1.  Automobiles may not be left in the parking lot for more than one week.

2. The automobile parking space in the row adjacent to the deck and furthest from the clubhouse is always

     reserved  for handicap parking.

3.  The automobile parking space in the row adjacent to the deck and closest to the clubhouse is always

     reserved for the GRYC Commodore.

4.  To park motor homes, recreational vehicles, trailers, etc., a member must make a written request of the GRYC

      Board of Directors who may approve or deny his request.




By agreement with the City of East Grand Rapids on November 15, 1999, the maximum number of dock sections the Club may use is 55. The sectiOns are 20 feet in length or the equivalent.



Club rescue boats provide safety, rescue, and race committee services in the conduct of club races. Except in an emergency, they are to be operated only by the Board members, caretakers, and specifically authorized members.



Each season GRYC sponsors a number of holiday and fleet regattas. Additionally, the club is host to district and national championship regattas. REGATTA FORM :Regatta form request


1. GRYC SPONSORED REGATTAS: Must Request use from the Regatta Board Official.

    Post-Regatta reports must be made to the Regatta Board Official.

    Cash advances may be requested from the Treasurer for planned regatta expenses.

    Caretakers are a regatta expense for both in-season and out-of-season regatta. They will be paid by GRYC.

    Regatta proceeds, after expenses, must be turned over to the club Treasurer within 30 days of the end of the


    Losses on regattas will be covered by the club. Sufficient planned income to meet expenses will be required in

    subsequent years prior to approval of a club scheduled regatta schedule.



    Must request use from the Regatta Board Official.

    Hosted Regattas will reimburse GRYC for caretaker and incidental expenses.



Fleets may keep a maximum of $250 in their treasuries. Amounts above $250 must be turned over to the club Treasurer.



The GRYC is available for use all year by members in good standing.


The official of the GRYC (hereafter known as the booking official) responsible for club use or rental is listed on the page of “Officers and Personnel” of the club directory.

A club member may reserve the club for family use, but in no instances may a club member reserve the club on behalf of a non-member. The non-member must reserve the club and pay the appropriate fees following the rental policy.

Persons renting or requesting use of the facility must be present during the use, and must meet with the booking official after the event.


The Clubhouse is a smoke-free facility.


There are two categories of use:


A. NON-EXCLUSIVE use in which the facilities are shared with other members.

1) Member parties using the club will require notification and approval by the booking official.

2) Member parties with more than 25 persons will be determined by the GRYC Board to be an EXCLUSIVE use.  B. EXCLUSIVE use in which the Clubhouse, front picnic area, waterfront lawn and beach, parking lot, grill and deck area are used  only by the renting party. EXCLUSIVE use may be requested by any member or non-member (with limitations), but only be granted by the GRYC Board of Directors or the booking official, appointed or employed by the Board.

1) EXCLUSIVE use will not be granted between the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day..

2) Club facilities may be rented for EXCLUSIVE use after Labor Day weekend and before the following Memorial Day weekend, but only when there is no conflict with a non-seasonal or special club sponsored event. Included as non-seasonal events are regattas, training symposiums, spring and fall race series, traditional holiday celebrations and Friday night home football games.

3) Request for use or rental are granted on a first come basis. Pease request well in advance.

4) During exclusive use, members may use that portion of the club property north of an imaginary line extending from the drive entry to the “Snipe” ramp. Members are requested not to use the clubhouse or any part of the facility designated for rental as EXLUSIVE.

5)For more specifics on this category please refer to the "Club Rental" under Club info on this web site.



Voting / Honorary Member $225

Social $275

Non- Member $725




Approved by the GRYC Board of Directors